Institutional Investors

Are you an advisor? Do you represent a fund or institution? ADS Capital can tailor custom research to your needs on any listed Australian or US company. 

For advisors, we can provide easy to read reports with buy/sell recommendations you can distribute to your clients. 

For funds and institutions, we can conduct deep-dive research providing full transparency in uncovering the good and the bad. We issue our findings in report form for use within your organisation. 

Fill out the form and we will be in touch to discuss a tailored solution. 

Individual Investors

Do you need some guidance?

You now have the opportunity to use our services for a fixed fee, tailored completely to your needs.

Is there a stock you're interested in, but you need more information to make a decision? You now have a professional firm to help at your convenience. We'll research the company for you and provide you with either a summary or comprehensive report - it's completely up to you.

Are you unsure of what to look at next? Get the ADS Capital Top 5. These are comprehensive research reports on 5 companies that we're recommending to our clients right now.




  • Single Page 
  • Buy, Hold or Sell Sentiment
  • Entry Price
  • Price Target
  • Single Paragraph Summary
  • List of Key Points
  • Delivered Within 2 Business Days




  • 3 to 5 Pages (varies per stock)
  • Buy, Hold or Sell Sentiment
  • Entry Price
  • Price Target
  • List of Key Points
  • Thorough Company Analysis
  • Industry, Sector & Financial Analysis
  • Risk Overview
  • Technical Analysis (Chart)
  • Delivered Within 3 Business Days

ADS Capital Top 5


Most Popular

  • Comprehensive Reports on our top 5 stocks
  • Get the same information as our clients
  • Combination of Australian & US companies
  • Delivered immediately after purchase


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