COVID-19 Inactivated by SPL7013 Nasal Spray - Scripps Research Institute

asx news Sep 14, 2020

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

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How It Works

This news by StarPharma Holdings (ASX:SPL) hit the market today. The below is a direct quote from the announcement:

''New data generated at Scripps Research Institute in the US shows that Starpharma's antiviral nasal spray active (SPL7013) is virucidal, inactivating more than 99.9% of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19''

Note that SPL7013 is also referred to as astrodrimer sodium. 

This appears to have confirmed the company's assumptions from prior testing:

The potency of SPL7013 was evident when used either before or after the exposure of cells, meaning the nasal spray could be used either before or after exposure to the virus. 

This round of antiviral testing comes after promising announcements from the company in both...

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Opyl Announces AI Powered COVID-19 Clinical Trial Forecaster

asx news Sep 03, 2020

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

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The News

Melbourne, Australia based Opyl (ASX:OPL) today announced that its Artificial Intelligence (AI) software can make ''probability of success'' predictions on the likelihood of a vaccine or therapy succeeding in clinical trials. They have focused this announcement on COVID-19 but says the software may be used for any clinical trial.

The company claims to have run software tests investigating the 475 registered COVID-19 clinical trials currently underway and:

  1. Has identified the two vaccine candidates most likely to succeed
  2. Determined that at least one antibody therapy has the best probability of success in Phase III trials
  3. Therapies show a much...
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