Will Tesla Lose Big On Bitcoin?

2021 energy May 30, 2021

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

In January this year, Tesla announced it had acquired $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. In the very same quarter, it disposed of a portion of that holding, which accounted for over 27% of the company's total net income for the period. The saga drew mountains of criticism, mainly around the volatile cryptocurrency's potential impact on Tesla's earnings. As an early stage manufacturer that still struggles to make money selling cars, investors are rightly concerned about disruption to the company's financial stability. 

Elon Musk recently expressed concerns about Bitcoin's carbon footprint, telling the public that Tesla would no longer be accepting it from customers as payment. Mining the cryptocurrency is estimated to generate almost 37 megatons of carbon each year, which is more than some entire countries. Musk has since tried to spark a movement towards 'clean' Bitcoin mining, at which time Tesla could reconsider its utility as a medium...

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iQ Group Global Proceedings Against ADS Capital Dismissed

2021 news Apr 07, 2021

Clients & Members,

Some of you may recall that late last year, I published two reports on The iQ Group Global Ltd, iQ3 Corp Limited, and other members of their group in which I concluded that their operations were unsustainable.

Following those reports, iQ commenced proceedings against me.

Those proceedings have now been dismissed. 

It remains my consistent position that such proceedings should never have been brought, and any concerns could and should have been dealt with without proceedings being initiated. 

My prior reports analysed iQ's financial situation, as drawn from its annual reports and financial statements.

It remains my genuine view that:

  • an investment in The iQ Group Limited, iQ3 Corp Limited and their financial products, such as the EBI Fixed Income fund, carries very significant risks; and
  • I urge investors to be very cautious before investing in any of the iQ financial products. 

I remain committed to delivering reliable insights based...

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Virgin Galactic Unveils SpaceShip 3, VSS Imagine

2021 news Mar 31, 2021

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

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Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE) is a super exciting company. This new release adds to the anticipation for investors as further spaceflights were delayed back in February. 

This new iteration, dubbed 'VSS Imagine', adds a second active spacecraft to the fleet which (hopefully) means more testing and a faster path to commercial flights. CEO Michael Colglazier stated on CNBC that the company plans to fly up to 400 times per year with the tourism business, which means multiple flights per day, and many more spacecrafts needed. This SpaceShip 3 is the beginning of an ever-expanding line.

Due to technical difficulties, Virgin Galactic were forced to reschedule February flight tests with SpaceShip 2, 'VSS Unity', with those now expected to start in May. Founder Sir Richard Branson is expected to be on one of those tests sometime in the summer.

View the VSS Imagine release and...

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Inflation - There's None (Apparently)

2021 news Feb 11, 2021

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

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So Many Questions

Yesterday, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation data, which showed a 1.4% year-over-year rise in prices. This was slightly weaker than the 1.5% expected, signaling that inflation still remains muted. 

Though, if you watch financial news or monitor finance chatter on various social networks, you will see mounting questions about this data in contrast to the recent face-ripping rallies in various commodity prices. Lumber, for example, has been a hot topic as futures prices reach an all-time high of $950 - about 100% higher than the February 2020 pre-pandemic peak. 

How does a rise in lumber futures translate to the real world? Well, it is estimated that the run has added $16,000 in additional build cost to a traditional single family home (CNBC). It's statistics like these that make investors...

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As Vaccinations Climb, Play the Long Game

2021 news s&p500 Feb 03, 2021

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

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2021 - The Full Year Picture

Despite any short term market turbulence, there is a consensus for a higher S&P500 benchmark index by the end of 2021. At the moment JP Morgan holds a Street high target of 4,400 which represents a more than 15% gain from yesterday's close. What feels more important though is the minimum target of 3,800 held by both Citi and Bank of America - which is exactly where we are today. (Source: CNBC Market Strategist Survey)

Irrespective of all the uncertainty, it appears even the most pessimistic of the major banks on Wall Street expect stock prices to remain buoyant for the year. There is no doubt any shot we have at reaching some of the more lofty S&P500 targets will be predicated on a resolution to the COVID pandemic. 

As we watch vaccine programs roll out globally, we think there is cause for optimism that by mid-year, we'll be living under...

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2021 - Two growth sectors to watch

2021 news Dec 14, 2020

Published by Anthony Di Pizio

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Starting Fresh

Like most of you, we look forward to welcoming the new year and leaving behind the craziness of 2020. With vaccines now being distributed in most major developed countries, we anticipate the return of economic growth and more normalised financial market conditions. 

We want to turn our attention to 2021 and leave you with two underdeveloped but powerful sectors we're watching.

1. Agritech

Agriculture is primed for a shakeup. It has mostly been left behind by the technology boom and whilst farms are more productive now than in the past, there has never been a better time to transform the industry. 

Traditionally, farming has required mass amounts of land and water at a minimum, plus additives for crop protection and allowances for seasonal disruptions caused by unfavorable weather. 

We're closely...

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